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Ledger.Com/Start is a platform that helps you set up and use your Ledger hardware wallet for finance and security. Learn how to discover, secure, and manage your assets with

Ledger.Com/Start - Live to start setting up your device

To commence the setup of your Ledger device, please visit the official website at This webpage serves as your entry point for the installation and activation process of your Ledger hardware wallet. Here, you will find comprehensive guidance and step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth and secure initiation of your cryptocurrency journey with a Ledger device. The page will lead you through essential procedures, including connecting your Ledger device, creating a secure PIN, and generating a recovery seed. These critical steps are vital for safeguarding your digital assets and leveraging the robust security features of your Ledger wallet. By following the instructions on the page, you can establish a strong foundation for securely managing and storing your cryptocurrencies

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